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ME9114S1 Solo MWO with Smart Sensor, 32 L


ME9114W1 Solo MWO with Smart Sensor, 32 L White


Samsung GE614ST Grill MWO with Rapid Defrost, 40 L


Siemens BE555LMS0 – Built-in Microwave

R13,499.00 R11,490.00

Siemens BE634LGS1 – Built-in Microwave Left Hinged

R14,099.00 R12,990.00

Siemens BE634RGS1 – Built-in Microwave Right Hinged

R14,099.00 R12,990.00

Siemens CM656GBS1 – IQ700 Built-in Oven

R26,299.00 R23,990.00

Siemens HB633GBS1 – IQ700 Built-in Oven

R15,699.00 R14,890.00

Siemens HM656GBS1 – IQ700 Built-in Oven

R31,899.00 R28,990.00

Siemens HS636GDS1 – IQ700 Built-in Oven

R35,499.00 R31,990.00

Samsung MC32K7055CT/FA Convection MWO with HotBlast, 32 L


Samsung MC456TBRCSR Convection MWO with Smart Sensor, 45 L