Scotsman 24.5kg Ice Maker – EC46


  • Agion
  • Clean alert
  • Front access condenser air filter
  • Individual transparent solid cube
  • Scale accumulation preventing system
  • Ergonomic access to ice with sliding disappearing door
  • PWD – Progressive Water Discharge
  • Built-in storage bin

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the technology that makes products cleaner and longer lasting with built-in protection working 24/7 to resist the growth of microbes and that development of unpleasant odours.

Clean alert

advises with a blink when it’s time to clean the filter.

Front access condenser air filter

a do-it-yourself cleaning operation that saves time and money and makes your ice maker live longer.

Individual transparent solid cube

each single cube is an artwork; crystal clear and perfectly shaped, faithful to the Scotsman tradition.

Scale accumulation preventing system

traps ice makers’ enemy No. 1 in one place and makes it harmless.

Ergonomic access to ice with sliding disappearing door

one-touch door lift, makes barman’s life significantly easier.

PWD – Progressive Water Discharge

pumps excess residual water up to a distance of 15 meters.

Built-in storage bin

allows most under counter installations for easier fit-in solutions.



Cube size

Medium cube

Condensing system

Air cooled

Water cooled

Max daily production

25 kg Medium cubes

Legs not included

Storage bin capacity

9 kg


W 386 mm

D 600 mm

H 645 mm

Additional information

Additional information


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